The Compact Hydroponic Veggie Garden2go System Grows Food Plants,
Medicinal Cannabis and Flowers, Indoors or Outdoors

Here is the first look at our upcoming new hydroponic Veggie Garden2go with yellow onions growing in the back, and carrots in the front--plants you cannot grow in Tower Garden, shown below. The onions are shown in more detail in the next photo, growing in coco fiber (ground coconut husk).

This is a compact, ready-to-use and very affordable food and medicinal herb (such as cannabis) plant growing system that can be used indoors under grow lights, or outdoors in the sun. You can also grow beets, potatoes, melons, flowers and most other vegetables in it, using the best, purest natural plant food available--Tower Tonic dissolved minerals in tap or pond water, stored in the lower container and circulated with an included solar or wall powered pump.

If you live in Colorado, you should be aware that Amendment 64 to the Colorado constitution, which legalized recreational use of marijuana under state law, allows adults to grow up to three mature cannabis plants and three immature plants in a private, locked space. And over twenty states in the US now permit medical pot growing at home.

Watch for our other new compact aeroponic growing system that's now in final prototype testing that's just as easy to use and grows plants up to 50% faster in an even smaller space.

...and The Aeroponic Vertical Tower Garden
Food and Herb Growing System by Juice Plus+

The photo on the left is shows a harvest of yellow crookneck squash, and in the next photo, fresh lettuce is being harvested from the top of Tower Garden with a basil plant on the top right, and a green bean and tomato plant is on the bottom.
The right photo shows mature veggie plants (left Tower) and with new starts just planted on the right Tower. The left tower is partially underground for better water temperature regulation in hot and cold months. Click here for more details and to order the complete Tower Garden growing system, which includes Tower Tonic natural plant nutrients ,from Juice Plus+ and have a look at our unique season extender and plant protection add-on accessories and organic edible seedlings that can be used with both Tower Garden and Veggie Garden2go at towergardener.com.

A growing number of public Tower Garden public and private farming locations are set up around the country, and the left photo shows a recently installed working indoor Tower Garden display at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Over two dozen connected Tower Gardens are set up inside the terminal with indoor lighting. The harvested food is so delicious that it's served in nearby airport restaurants. Many larger commercial Tower Garden farms and restaurants in Los Angeles and New York are in now in operation and many new installation plans are in development throughout the US.

For more details including frequently asked questions and background information, or to place your order online please click here for our official Tower Garden homepage.

For upcoming public Tower Garden demonstration dates in San Diego, California, including our monthly introduction to Tower Garden and JuicePlus+, and to purchase a wide variety of hundreds of organic/non-GMO edible Tower Garden seedlings (left below) in San Diego by appointment, or any TG related questions contact San Diego distributor and trainer Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call him at 619/990-7977.

For more Juice Plus+ products and distributor information call Sky Jeannette at 858/677-0707, or email her at: sky4health@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about the next best thing to fruits and veggies at her Juice Plus+ home page click here: Sky4health.com.

Check back often because we will be continually updating this and other related web pages with new information, photos, and order links. For more details, background about the product and inventor Tim Blank, and numerous videos and media stories about the patented Tower Garden by Juice Plus+, please click here.

If you are not growing your own pure and healthy food or medicinal cannibus at home using an aeroponic growing system, have a look at this web page for five easy tips on how to simplify and speed the growing process.

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