The Portable Hydroponic Solar Veggie Garden2go Food and
Medicinal Cannabis Growing System Makes it Easy to Grow
Your Own Organic, Delicious Edibles in Small Sunlit Spaces

Growing your own delicious organic food, pot, sprouts and flowers in small sunlit places has never been easier now that the solar Veggie Garden2go hydroponic grow system is available. You don't need a green thumb to become a food growing expert.

The safest, healthiest and best testing food you can eat is food that you grow without toxic chemicals for plant nutrients or bug spray, also known as organic growing. Plus, not planting them in the ground is a good idea since it is difficult to know if the ground is safe from toxins and harmful insect or rodent pests. Plants also grow slower in the ground because there is less available air.

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A wide variety of vegetables, including root plants, vine fruits like melons, strawberries and herbs, as well as medicinal herbs such as marijuana, and even bean and grain sprouts are easy to grow without those worries if you have a well-designed growing system that eliminates many of the common problems of growing your own food. Our unique system, designed in San Diego, California by Cleardome Solar Thermal uses no soil and only the purest natural dissolved inorganic minerals to feed the plants.

Here is the first look (three top and bottom right photos) of our new solar powered, compact hydroponic Veggie Garden2go growing system for small outdoor sunlit or indoor grow light spaces. A full view of this unique growing system is on the left showing beets, carrots and garlic grown from seeds in coco fiber, the center closeup is giant, tasty carrot just pulled from the coco fiber, and the right photo shows the included solar electric panel that powers the pump for automatic daily watering. Gophers, moles, sow bugs, snails and other ground pests will be disappointed they won't be able to harvest your food before you do because it's nearly two feet to the top of the growing container.

Young carrots are in the front and radishes at the rear--plants you cannot grow in the aeroponic Tower Garden, shown below. It makes a great growing companion to the Tower Garden. In between is romaine lettuce. A larger quantity and variety of plants can be grown in this type of system than traditional hydroponic or aeroponic systems. And they can be grown on apartment balconies, decks and boat docks, outside RV's, and any level location in the sun since soil is not required.

Clones are very easy to start and grow in large quantities, and you can also grow wheat grass, beans, micro greens and all of types of sprouts with an optional sprout growing container shown on the right. This mixture of test sprouts is only 5 days old and once the seeds were placed in the growing container no daily rinsing was necessary.

A closeup photo of an earlier Veggie Garden2go prototype, below and bottom left photos, shows yellow bulb onions and other root plants growing in coco fiber (ground coconut husk). All are grown from seeds. In the bottom right photo, four young medicinal pot plants are growing in our solar Veggie Garden2go from seeds and clone cuttings.

Questions? Would you like to see the instructions and user tips? Interested in becoming a beta tester? Please contact product designer Deris Jeannette by sending an email to: deris@towergardener.com.

Grows a wider variety of plants in smaller spaces

Hydroponic growing is slightly slower than aeroponic growing such as the Tower Garden, where plant roots grow in the air without a plant medium, but because hydroponic plants are grown in a loose plant medium with more room for air and roots, and constant daily automatic active watering, a wider variety of plants will thrive in much closer spaces and grow faster then in the ground when using safe and pure Tower Tonic plant nutrients that can be ordered below and from the Tower Garden online store. You can even grow bean and grain sprouts with our upcoming sprout attachment shown below.

Here is a closeup view of eight young beets growing next to each other in an area smaller than your hand. As long as the roots gets constant moisture and nutrients, the plants grow to full size and are delicious. Compact growing like this works just as well with onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes and similar root plants in Veggie Garden2go so you can grow many more plants in a smaller footprint.

This complete growing system kit is easy to set up and ready to use out of the shipping box, and includes the 8 gallon bottom water and nutrient container with a solar powered pump that circulates the water up to the top growing container filled with ground coco fiber (also included) where the plants grow.

Veggie Garden2go does not use net pots like most other hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems because that limits the types and quantity of plants you can grow. Carrots, beets and potatoes will not grow in net pots. But they will grow in the loose, deep coco fiber that comes with your Garden2go. And the stacked water and plant growing containers keep the growing footprint very small, compared to connected multiple pots, so you can grow more plants in a smaller area.

Most leafy greens like lettuce and kale need at least 2-4 hours of direct sunlight, while warm season blooming plants like tomatoes and cucumbers need at least 5-7 hours of direct sun for maximum growth.

The bubbling, aerating tap or pond water naturally spreads across the non-soil plant medium and plant roots, and quickly drains back into the water reservoir below so there is no standing water and no waste. Only 3-5 gallons of water is consumed by the plants every week, so it is highly efficient since it only uses about 10% of the water used in ground or other types of hydroponic systems.

It is a very affordable complete growing system that can also be used indoors under grow lights in small spaces, or outdoors in the sun, which is preferred. So if you have a sunlit balcony, small patio area or even a open area as small as 3' x 3' near an RV, Trailer, or docked boat you can grow your own fresh and delicious food or pot.

Automatic watering with a solar powered pump

Daily watering is automatic, being circulated with a small, very efficient solar powered DC pump that comes with a custom matched solar electric panel for free power. You can't over, or under water plants. For much of the growing, you'll only need to check them about once a week to add water, occasional nutrients, check the PH and spray with neem oil or other organic bug sprays if necessary.

It is a completely safe and pure way to grow your own, since no toxic nutrients are used in the food-safe UV-resistant plastic boxes covered with our removable SolaReflex Foil. The highly reflective foil reflects sunlight away to prevent overheating on hot summer days and can be removed in winter to solar heat the water and planting medium with roots. This extends your growing season by months in many areas. In the coldest growing regions, adding a 200 watt aquarium water heater to the reservoir, set at 72 degrees, will let you grow cold season plants through most of the winter. Warmth from the water naturally flows upward to keep the roots and plants warmer.

You can also grow potatoes (right photo), radishes (center photo) garlic, melons, lettuce, like romaine on the left mixed with carrots (two weeks older than the top photo), flowers and most other vegetables in it, using the best, purest natural plant food available--Tower Tonic pure dissolved inorganic minerals in tap or clear pond water. Tower Tonic is not included in the basic kit and you can also use other hydroponic nutrients but first check to confirm they don't include toxic chemicals and are considered organic or better.

If you live in Colorado, you should be aware that Amendment 64 to the Colorado constitution, which legalized recreational use of marijuana under state law, allows adults to grow up to three mature cannabis plants and three immature plants in a private, locked space. And over twenty states in the US, including California now permit medical pot growing at home. Growing your own will save lots of money as fresh food prices continue to rise and medicinal pot now sells for over $250 per ounce. In our system you will be assured of the freshest, purest plant production from every harvest.

Veggie Garden2go is now available to order for $349 plus shipping using these secure PayPal order links. Expect a 2-3 week processing time. Please click on the down arrow to view order options that include the basic kit, then an option to add the pure, natural Tower Tonic A+B nutrients (1 gallon of each), then to add the tonic plus PH testing kit. If you are already a Tower Gardener you already have both Items and don't need those options. You can also purchase the PH testing kit below or it and rock wool squares at a local hydroponic store to save on shipping. Replacement coco fiber is available online or at a local hydroponic store with more details in your instructions.

Veggie Garden2go Hydroponic
Food Growing System

Check below for more details on the 20-plant aeroponic vertical Tower Garden food growing system that is now available.

Questions? Would you like to see the instructions and user tips? Interested in becoming a beta tester? Please contact product designer Deris Jeannette by sending an email to: deris@towergardener.com.

...and here's the amazing Aeroponic Vertical Tower Garden
Food and Herb Growing System by Juice Plus+

The photo on the left is shows a harvest of yellow crookneck squash, and in the next photo, fresh lettuce is being harvested from the top of vertical Tower Garden with a basil plant on the top right, and a green bean and tomato plant is on the bottom. The right photo shows mature veggie plants (left Tower) and with new starts just planted on the right Tower. The left tower is partially underground for better water temperature regulation in hot and cold months. Click here for more details and to order the complete Tower Garden growing system, which includes Tower Tonic natural plant nutrients, from Juice Plus+ and have a look at our unique season extender and plant protection add-on accessories and organic edible seedlings that can be used with both Tower Garden and Veggie Garden2go at towergardener.com.

A growing number of public Tower Garden public and private farming locations are set up around the country, and the left photo shows a recently installed working indoor Tower Garden display at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Over two dozen connected Tower Gardens are set up inside the terminal with indoor lighting. The harvested food is so delicious that it's served in nearby airport restaurants. Many larger commercial Tower Garden farms and restaurants in Los Angeles and New York are in now in operation and many new installation plans are in development throughout the US.

For more details including frequently asked questions and background information, or to place your order online please click here for our official Tower Garden homepage.

For upcoming public Tower Garden demonstration dates in San Diego, California, including our monthly introduction to Tower Garden and JuicePlus+, and to purchase a wide variety of hundreds of organic/non-GMO edible Tower Garden seedlings (left below) in San Diego by appointment, or any TG related questions contact San Diego distributor and trainer Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call him at 619/990-7977.

For more Juice Plus+ products and distributor information call Sky Jeannette at 858/677-0707, or email her at: sky4health@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about the next best thing to fruits and veggies at her Juice Plus+ home page click here: Sky4health.com.

Check back often because we will be continually updating this and other related web pages with new information, photos, and order links. For more details, background about the product and inventor Tim Blank, and numerous videos and media stories about the patented Tower Garden by Juice Plus+, please click here.

If you are not already growing your own pure and healthy food or medicinal cannibus at home using a hydroponic or aeroponic growing system, have a look at this informative web page for five easy tips on how to simplify, purify and speed the growing process.

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