Delicious Living Edibles

Vegetarian Eye Candy of Living Edible Plants...
Grown Pure Without Soil or Toxic Chemicals

This photo of green and red romaine lettuce is the first of many stunning scenes to come. To see the entire ongoing gallery of delectable close-up views of living plants that you can eat, please click here to see the first of what will soon become hundreds of unique high resolution photos. Click or tap on the photos for caption information.

All have been grown without soil or toxic chemicals in the vertical aeroponic Tower Garden and hydroponic Veggie Garden2go Veggie Garden2go growing systems. They are all copyrighted photos by Deris Jeannette but can be shared on personal computers and social web pages. For commercial, poster size, or wide scale use, please click here to send an email to deris@towergardener.com to request more information.

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